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Websec.io offers online training for those interested in everything from taking their first steps with application security out to the seasoned professional looking to learn something new.

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Websec.io is more than just a source for great general and PHP security related content. We also offer application security consulting services. While we specialize in PHP-based projects, evaluation on other project types is also available. See below for our list of services offered.

Chris did an excellent job performing a security audit for an application of ours. He provided helpful feedback and suggestions where we could improve things and overall helped us gauge our own team's skills related to web application security. I would certainly recommend him to others.

- Phillip Shipley, SIL International

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to our customers including:

  Real-time Support

Book a session via Codementor for real-time application security and architecture support.
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  Application Security

We offer general services related to the security of your application. This includes code analysis of the current codebase, penetration testing of the application and consultion of steps forward to better secure your application.

  Static & Dynamic Code Analysis

Let us take the hard work of performing static and dynamic scanning of your application and interpreting the results. We'll use our expertise to help you target these results to the most important vulnerabilities first and provide risk level evaluations for the rest.

  Secure Development Lifecycle Integration

Building security in from the start is just as important as squashing those vulnerabiltiies as they pop up. We can help integrate solid secure development practices into your current flow or set you out on the right path with practices to improve your security stature.

  General Code Auditing & Architecture

Security isn't the only concern you need to consider in making a robust, flexible application. We offer services to help you improve the overall structure of your application (new or legacy) and make it more efficient for the future.

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